Memory foam mattress overlays are a key part of our range of sleep solutions. Overlays can be used on your regular spring, coir or other mattresses. A foam mattress overlay could make all the difference in turning an average night’s sleep into a great night’s sleep.The overlays are designed to enhance your sleeping experience through added comfort or air circulation. Our memory foam overlay provides a more comfortable night's sleep as it gently massages the whole body and soothes pressure points while you sleep. It distributes your body weight evenly across the bed, relieving pressure off hips and shoulders.

Our memory foam overlays come in a range of sizes. starting from Small Single to Super King. The chart below is a list of all the sizes we have on offer. Use this as a guide to help you make the best decision.

Size Length (inches) Width (inches)
Small Single 72" to 78" 30" to 35"
Single 72" to 78" 36" to 42"
Small Twin 72" to 78" 43" to 49"
Twin 72" to 78" 50" to 56"
Queen 72" to 78" 57" to 63"
Queen XL 79" to 85" 57" to 63"
Olympic Queen 72" to 78" 64" to 70"
Olympic Queen XL 79" to 85" 64" to 70"
King 72" to 78" 71" to 77"
King XL 79" to 85" 71" to 77"
Super King 72" to 78" 78" to 84"
Super King XL 79" to 85" 78" to 84"