A mattress overlay is an excellent way to enhance the comfort and performance of your mattress. It can be used over regular spring or coir mattress and over above a memory foam mattress. An overlay is specifically designed to enhance the sleeping experience by creating better air circulation and improving the softness of the mattress. It not only adjusts to the contours of the body in a better way but also distributes the body weight equally across the underlying mattress. For users facing additional pressure on hips and shoulders while sleeping, the use of an overlay can prove to a relieving and comfortable experience during sleep.

Contura offers a wide range of sizes in a king overlay. The size chart below is indicative of the standard sizes available in king overlays –

Size Length (inches) Width (inches)
King 72" to 78" 71" to 77"
King XL 79" to 85" 71" to 77"
Super King 72" to 78" 78" to 84"
Super King XL 79" to 85" 78" to 84"


In addition to the available standard sizes, Contura also offers customization in overlay sizes in multiple of 1”. This enables our customers to get a perfectly fitting mattress overlay designed according to their specific dimensions.