Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between memory foam and ordinary foam?

Memory foam is a unique material made from viscoelastic polyurethane. A memory foam mattress has the special ability to remember and retain the impression of the body that comes in contact with it, for several minutes. This unique property lends it the name of memory foam. A memory foam mattress is highly temperature and pressure sensitive. In response to the body heat of the user, memory foam mattress becomes softer and accommodates better to the body.

Memory foam mattress also has minimal reverse pressure, as it completely adapts to the contours of your body. No ordinary mattress can offer temperature and pressure sensitivity. An ordinary mattress also doesn’t adapt to the body shape of user, thereby limiting the whole sleep experience.

Why is memory foam so special and how will it benefit me?

Originally developed by NASA in 1970s to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for airline pilots and passengers, memory foam is a technologically advanced product which has now found widespread commercial application. Its unique ability to relieve pressure exerted by human body in relaxed state is the reason that memory foam has been adopted by medical experts for finding superior sleep solutions. Memory foam exerts minimal reverse pressure on your body, enabling you to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep without the need to change sleep position multiple times.

In addition to pressure relief, memory foam is also a heat sensitive material, which thereby adapts to the temperature of your body and moulds effortlessly around it. Less pressure on the body and accommodation of mattress as per body heat ensures better blood circulation and a rejuvenating sleep, every single time that your use memory foam.

How does the Contura memory foam mattress compare to a spring mattress?

A standard spring mattress comprises of several metal springs beneath the upper mattress layer. These metal springs are designed to support your body weight and relieve pressure points. But since these springs are spaced at regular intervals, a spring mattress can’t relieve your body pressure completely. A spring mattress can’t adjust according to the pressure points in your body and as a result also exerts some reverse pressure. This lack of support and reverse pressure of a spring mattress causes you to toss and turn in your sleep in order to achieve the most comfortable sleep position.

Over time, if you keep on using a spring mattress which is unable to relieve your specific pressure points, then you may develop muscular and skeletal pain. Constant changing of position at night also makes your sleep distressful and less refreshing. Such is not the case with Contura memory foam mattress, which distributes your body’s pressure evenly over the surface of the mattress and relieves all pressure points without exerting any reverse pressure.

Will the Contura memory foam mattress last under constant use?

Every Contura memory foam mattress is designed with utmost care of quality and an assurance of performance. Developed with cutting edge technology, Contura memory foam mattresses come with a 10 year* guarantee and can continue to deliver consistent performance ever under constant use.

How can I be sure that Contura memory foam mattresses are the best available?

In order to know what is best for you and what the market has to offer, you need to know how Contura memory foam mattresses outperform every other sleep solution available in the market. Contura offers superior quality memory foam at the best value and unbeatable price. To know more about our memory foam mattresses, visit our ‘Why Contura mattress’ page and decide for yourself what you should be looking for in a mattress and whether Contura delivers that or not.

Why do memory foam mattresses vary so much in price?

The primary reason that makes memory foam mattresses expensive is the catalyst used to derive the desirable properties of memory foam. Currently, there are no suppliers in India who provide the catalysts needed in memory foam manufacturing. Therefore, a genuine memory foam mattress with imported components are bound to be expensive.

There are some manufacturers in the market who offer memory foam mattresses at attractive prices by cutting costs and substituting quality material with inferior ones. The fabric cover of a memory foam mattress has to be made from a ‘two way’ stretch fabric so that it can allow movement in the memory foam in response to body pressure and heat. Cheaper memory foam mattresses don’t have a two-way stretch cover, which in turn restricts the performance of memory foam. At times, this fabric cover is not even removable and can’t last for long.

Some manufacturers even resort to replacing the lower layers of mattress with normal foam and keeping only a very thin upper layer as memory foam. This affects the density and performance of memory foam mattress drastically. While you may get such a mattress at a reduced price, it will not deliver the desired benefits of memory foam.

I have not tried a Contura memory foam mattress, so why should I buy one from a website?

We understand that buying the right mattress is not an easy decision. And buying a mattress online can be an even tougher one. That is why, to enable an informed decision at your end, we have made a lot of relevant information available on the Contura website. You can acquaint yourself with every aspect of buying mattress and how memory foam mattress can benefit you before finally making a purchase decision. We promise an incomparable quality and a best in market price to all our customers. At Contura, we ensure 100% quality checks of every single mattress before it is delivered to the customer. Our state of the art technology and best in industry manufacturing practices enables us to offer a 10 year guarantee for every memory foam mattress. So if you are unhappy with your purchase from Contura, we offer you the full opportunity to return it and avail a refund.

How long will my Contura products be guaranteed for?

Every Contura product comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee against all kinds of manufacturing defects. Memory foam develops a natural depression of 20% due to regular usage over 10 years. As this is a product characteristic, we don’t guarantee against it, but other than that Contura products are guaranteed to perform as promised without any fault in the guarantee period.

Why does memory foam discolour through time?

Memory foam is made from viscoelastic polyurethane material which naturally changes colour over time. It is a natural process of oxidation which changes the colour of memory foam. However, this doesn’t affect the performance of a memory foam mattress.

I need to know more about memory foam before making a purchase. Where do I find this information?

To know more about memory foam, visit our ‘Why Contura mattress’ page and learn –

  • What is memory foam
  • How memory foam works
  • How you can benefit from using memory foam
  • How Contura compares favourably to the most expensive alternatives in the market
Is there a maximum weight for users of Contura mattresses?

Contura memory foam mattresses are made with specific composition and customized density to suit your needs. A standard memory foam mattress is suitable for an individual weighing 114 kg (max.) or in case of a queen/ king size mattress a combined weight of 190 kg (max.). For deriving best results from your memory foam mattress, it is advisable to pay attention to the weight restrictions. If however, you weigh higher than the specified limit, then contact us at before purchasing your memory foam mattress. Our mattress experts will advise you regarding the mattress composition that will suit you best.

Isn’t it medically better to sleep on a firm bed?

Recent medical research proved that a firm sleeping surface is better for body than soft and sagging surface. As a result, many medical practitioners started recommending firm spring mattresses to people suffering from sleep disorders and disturbances. However, firm spring mattresses don’t offer complete support and pressure relief. In fact, their increased firmness increases reverse pressure as well.

Contura memory foam mattresses are neither soft nor hard. They offer optimum body support by combining the principles of floatation with other sleep solutions like heating, lumbar and motion sensitivity. The unique properties of memory foam completely adapt to the human form offering superior comfort and well balanced support. Therefore, more and more medical practitioners recommend memory foam over spring mattresses for better sleep solution.

Will a memory foam mattress cure my back problem?

Memory foam mattress completely supports the head, neck and back by aligning itself as per body shape. The appropriate firmness and pressure point relieving property of memory foam affords a disturbance free night’s sleep to you. You don’t have to adjust your sleeping position multiple times at night to achieve the most comfortable spine alignment. Thus, memory foam offers the best possible sleep solution if you suffer from lower back pain, chronic back ache or short term back problems due to muscle strain. With continued use of memory foam, you can alleviate your back problems substantially.

Do memory foam mattresses encourage 'bed-bugs'?

Bed bugs, mites and other such microorganisms can fester in the hollow core of standard sprung mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have completely solid core with layers of polyurethane material structured in a manner that inhibits growth of any bed bugs or mites. The inert memory foam mattress environment discourages any bed bug growth even after years of usage.

What if I can’t sleep on my new mattress?

Bed bugs, mites and other such microorganisms can fester in the hollow core of standard sprung mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have completely solid core with layers of polyurethane material structured in a manner that inhibits growth of any bed bugs or mites. The inert memory foam mattress environment discourages any bed bug growth even after years of usage.

I don't feel like I'm getting a good night's sleep. Can Contura memory foam mattresses help?

Contura memory foam mattresses not only offer better head, neck and spine alignment but also enable superior blood circulation in all parts of body. As there is no reverse pressure build up, your joints and limbs experience no discomfort while sleeping. Thus Contura memory foam mattress can undoubtedly enhance your sleeping experience, helping you to achieve that feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation when your wake up in the morning.

Will the Contura pillow fit in a standard pillowcase?

The standard size of a Contura memory foam pillow is 65cm x 45 cm. Therefore, it can easily fit into a standard pillowcase. However, all memory foam products require sufficient air circulation to correctly mould to your neck and head in order to offer maximum support. Thus, it is advisable to use a slightly larger pillowcase to derive maximum comfort and performance from your memory foam pillow.

Ordering and Delivery

Is the mattress or overlay that I want currently in stock?

Contura offers complete customization in every order that is placed by you. Therefore, we don’t maintain any ready stock with us and every mattress or overlay is made to order. Once we receive your confirmed order, your mattress or overlay is designed as per your specifications pertaining to the depth and dimensions.

How soon will the mattress be delivered? Can I choose the delivery time or date?

As soon as your order is confirmed, you can check the estimated delivery time and date for your mattress on the ‘Product details’ page. Delivery time and date varies from order to order as manufacturing specifications can vary.

Once your order is manufactured and shipped from our facility, you will receive email intimation with the tracking number of your order and estimated delivery date. We use only the best courier delivery services available in the market offered by FedEx Express.

Do we take away your old mattress when the Contura mattress is delivered?

All our delivery operations are carried out by a third party service provider. This results in huge savings in terms of efficient logistics and shipment, which we directly pass on to you. But as a result, we can’t offer you the services of removing your old mattress at the time of delivering new memory foam mattress.

I live in a multi-storey building. Will the courier bring the item up to my property?

As a clause in the insurance policy of our products and services, our delivery partner can only deliver your mattress to the front door of your building and can’t carry it up to your individual property. However, to enable easy movement of Contura mattresses, every single mattress is vacuum packed. This makes the mattress easily manoeuvrable and even you can take it up to your property.

What happens if I'm out when my item is delivered ?

If you are unable to accept delivery of your item, the first time that our delivery partner attempts to deliver it; a card with your consignment number and contact number will be left at your house. You can call on the provided contact number and refer to the consignment number to re-arrange the delivery of your order at a more convenient date and time. You need to re-arrange the delivery within the next 24 hours, failing which your consignment will be returned to the Contura facility. All product shipments are free for the first time, however, if the product is returned due to unavailability of recipient at the specified address then subsequent delivery is charged to the customer.

Will the courier call me prior to delivery or give me an ETA?

The courier representative will call you on the day of delivery prior to attempting the delivery. You will be contacted on the phone number that you submit at the time of registration or while making a purchase at our website.

What happens when I place an order online?

Your online purchase is completed efficiently with our state of the art retail portal and your order is delivered by our delivery partners within the estimated time. As you confirm your order online, an automatic confirmation email is sent to you.
Once your order is prepared and shipped to you, you will receive a second email with your consignment number, the contact number of your courier and the shipment tracking link to our courier partner’s website.

Can I buy Contura products in shops?

Currently, all Contura products are only available at our online shopping portal and you can’t buy our products from any physical retail outlets.


What do I do when my mattress arrives?

The installation process of your Contura memory foam mattress is very simple and doesn’t require any professional assistance. As the mattress is vacuum packed to enable efficient delivery, follow the given steps to install your memory foam mattress when it arrives –

  • Open the box and remove the mattress to easily carry it to the room where you want to install it.
  • Once you have brought the mattress at its desired location, open the clear plastic packing of the mattress.
  • As soon as the plastic packaging is removed, the memory foam mattress will start its recovery process and start unfurling into its original shape and depth. This may take as long as four hours.
  • While opening the plastic packaging, make sure that no sharp instrument or surface tears the memory foam.
  • Once the mattress has completely unfurled, remove the white cloth packaging and prop the mattress on the bed base.

If you wish to install the mattress at a date later than the date of delivery, then it is advisable to keep the mattress in its compressed state for only as long as 4 weeks. Beyond this duration, the memory foam material may undergo permanent change in shape.

Can I use my mattress the same day it is delivered / opened?

As you open the vacuum packaging of your memory foam mattress, the recovery process may take upto four hours. After this, the mattress will reacquire its original shape and consistency. You can thus use the mattress the same day that it is delivered/ opened.

Why is there a distinct odour coming from my new mattress?

All newly manufactured viscoelastic products have a distinct odour as they are treated for optimal performance. This odour dissipates over time when the product is exposed to proper aeration and ventilation. Your memory foam mattress is vacuum packed before delivery and this adds to the distinct odour of the mattress. This is not an indicator of any damage or inferior quality of mattress. Simply keep your mattress in an open and well ventilated room for 24 to 48 hours before using it and the odour will not bother you anymore.

Caring for your mattress

Will my mattress need turning?

Memory foam mattress is specially designed with gradient density layers to offer maximum comfort and optimal support. Therefore, you need not turn your memory foam mattress ever. You may, however, rotate your mattress from time to time if required.

How do I keep my memory foam mattress free of dust mites or 'bed-bugs'?

Bed bugs and dust mites need a hollow core and discarded skin cells or filthy environment to fester. The specially designed solid and layered core of memory foam mattresses doesn’t allow bed bugs or dust mites to breed within the mattress. The removable fabric cover of the mattress is also washable, thus enabling you to maintain a hygienic environment which controls any form of bug growth.

Can I wash the Contura memory foam mattress cover?

Yes, every Contura memory foam mattress comes with a deluxe cover which is fully machine-washable. For better care and maintenance, always wash your mattress cover at cold water cycle.

Can an electric blanket be used on a Contura memory foam mattress?

The upper layer of a Contura mattress is made of heat sensitive, viscoelastic memory foam material. An electric blanket emanates heat upon continual usage. This in turn can damage the heat-sensitive surface of the mattress. Hence, it is advisable not to use an electric blanket with a Contura mattress for optimum body-moulding performance of the mattress to be sustained.

Is it ok to use a mattress protector with a Contura mattress?

The USP of Contura memory foam mattress is that it adjusts to the contours of user’s body and in response to your body heat, becomes softer and more comfortable. While it is perfectly all right to use a mattress protector with a Contura mattress, it will change your sleep experience with Contura. A mattress protector will make the upper layer of the mattress firmer and reduce the level of comfort. Due to an added barrier between your body and the heat sensitive memory foam upper layer of the mattress, the effectiveness of the mattress reduces.

As all Contura mattresses come with a removable cover which can be washed and replaced to maintain mattress hygiene, use of a mattress protector is not necessary.

Are Contura memory foam mattresses suitable for iron or pine bed frames?

Contura memory foam mattresses are designed with a special layer of memory foam at the base which is of higher density and offers increased support. Therefore, they are suitable for all kind of bed frames, be it iron or pine. The memory foam sleep experience remains uncompromised even on sprung bed base. However, it is advisable to use stable bed base for enhanced performance of your memory foam mattress.

In case of slatted iron bed bases, ensure that the gaps between the slats are not wider than 2-3 inches. This will prevent any undue depression in your mattress.