Conventionally designed to accommodate two people, the twin or ‘double’ sized mattress is now preferred by single users only. A twin bed is a snug fit for two people and was previously used in smaller guest rooms or homes with smaller bedrooms. A standard queen sized bed has now replaced a twin bed for use by couples. 

Contura offers a wide range of sizes in a twin mattress. The size chart below is indicative of the standard sizes available in twin mattresses –

Size Length (inches) Width (inches)
Small Twin 72" to 78" 43" to 49"
Twin 72" to 78" 50" to 56"


In addition to the available standard sizes, Contura also offers customization in mattress sizes in multiple of 1”. This enables our customers to get a perfectly fitting mattress designed according to their specific dimensions. Contura Sleep Science mattresses can be custom designed for specialty beds, antique beds, European beds and any other variant of double beds.