About Memory Foam

What is Memory Foam?

Also known as Viscoelastic foam, memory foam is technologically advanced polyurethane foam. Memory foam is known to have superior viscosity and density than ordinary foams and these properties of memory foam are further enhanced by research and development to make them suitable for commercial applications. As the name suggests, memory foam accommodates itself to body weight, temperature and contours; thereby minimizing the pressure points on the body. It comprises of spherical cells which allow for free air circulation and a greater flexibility of the material. Memory foam is inherently more absorbent and softer than any other ordinary foam. The more advanced generations of memory foam are even resilient to dust mites and mildew.

Why should you use Memory foam mattress?

Originally developed by NASA to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for airline pilots and passengers, memory foam soon found commercial use as more and more people started becoming aware of the benefits of using memory foam mattresses. Designed with unique viscoelastic foam which is inert to natural deterrents, memory foam mattresses are replete with benefits and are an irrefutable choice for a comfortable sleep solution.

Factors to be considered before buying Memory Foam mattress

Given the ergonomic design and chemically advanced composition of memory foam, it is a highly complex product and certain important consideration factors about memory foam can help you make an informed buying decision.

Size of Mattress Memory foam mattresses are available in various sizes. Hence, a consideration factor must be the size of the mattress and how it can suit your requirement. The mattress size should be slightly smaller than the bed base so as to fit properly into the bed frame. Before buying a memory foam mattress, check the exact dimensions of your bed base and that of the mattress that you are considering.
Although memory foam may be an individual usage product, couples are also known to use it with great ease. Therefore, consider buying a queen size or king size mattress if you and your spouse are going to share the mattress, for greater comfort.

Bed Base Memory foam mattresses can easily be fit into varied types of bed bases and don’t even require any additional suspension or support from the bed base. You can select memory foam mattresses for divans and box style beds. For slatted beds with slats as wide as 2-3 inches also memory foam mattresses can be easily used.

Depth and Density Most memory foam mattresses have other foam layers along with the memory foam, thereby changing the total overall depth and density of the mattress. Thus it is important to check the depth of the memory foam layer in a mattress, before making the buying decision. Density of the memory foam is a very good indicator of the quality of the mattress. As the polyurethane foam base is made more viscous, the higher viscosity mattresses are definitely better in quality.
On an average, 5 pounds per cubic feet foam density is considered superior quality. However, it is not usually seen in commercial usage and memory foam mattress density can range between 1 to 5 lb/cubic feet. A lower density mattress has larger spherical cells with larger air spaces, making the mattress quite light. A higher density mattress has smaller spherical cells with compact air spaces making it heavier and dense. This in turn its memory foam qualities such as temperature sensitivity, body contouring, pressure balancing, etc. Higher density mattresses also have better compression ratings and longer life of bedding despite repeated usage.
You may confuse the firmness of a mattress with its density, which is in-fact an error in judgement. Mattresses with low density memory foam can also be made quite firm. However, these mattresses have a very short life and poor compression rating. These can deteriorate very fast on repeat usage and the memory foam can simply disintegrate. Such firm but low-density mattresses can come with a warranty or guarantee of not more than 12 months. A good high density memory foam mattress, on the other hand, comes with a guarantee of as long as 10 years.

ILD/IFD rating of mattress Although this is a commonly used term in mattress production, first time customers may get confused about this rating and may be unable to use it as a consideration factor. The ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) or IFD (Indentation Force Deflection) rating is primarily a measure of firmness in a mattress. It should not be confused with the density of the mattress as a high density memory foam mattress can be very soft as well. An IFD or ILD rating is a measure of weight in pounds which is required to make a 1” indentation in a memory foam mattress of 15” x 15” x 4” dimensions.
This rating generally ranges from 10 to 16 and a higher IFD/ILD rating is indicative of higher firmness. Just like the density or viscosity of the memory foam, the ILD rating of a mattress can also be enhanced. But this can have an adverse effect on the quality and durability of the mattress.

Why to choose Contura Sleep Science mattress?

Contura sleep science mattresses are designed with careful precision and detailed attention to the market demand. We understand that customer needs are paramount when it comes to designing a sleep solution. Thus, after careful research and years of development; Contura sleep science mattresses have been designed to compete with the most expensive international offerings in the market with at par quality and aesthetic appeal.

Composition of Contura Mattresses While many mattress manufacturers incorporate multiple foam layers in the mattress along with memory foam; Contura sleep science mattresses are made from 100% memory foam. There are no layers of coir or conventional foam hidden at the bottom or in between layers of memory foam. In order to provide maximum comfort to you, every Contura mattress is carefully designed with layers of varying viscosity. The top layer is highly viscous, while the bottom layer is highly firm in order to provide orthopaedic support.

Density & ILD rating of Contura Sleep Science Contura mattresses are made with high density memory foam which has the right balance of firmness and softness. While most memory foam mattresses boast of their ILD ratings and pounds per cubic feet density, at Contura, we understand that these technical terminologies merely confuse the customer and don’t help in the purchase decision at all.
That is why, after years of research we have achieved the optimum density and firmness level in Contura sleep science mattresses. We focus solely on your comfort and not on technical specifications.

Durability of Contura Contura Sleep Science offers a 10 year free replacement warranty against any damage to the mattress. Our unwavering confidence in the quality of our product is due to the 100% memory foam composition of Contura. We don’t expect our customers to face any change in a Contura mattress other than a normal 20% permanent depression, ever after 10 years of usage.

Sizes Available We understand that true comfort from a mattress comes by finding just the right size of it. This is why, Contura offers customization of mattress size within a range of 1inch and 581 sizes to choose from so that it can perfectly fit your bed base. As we design and produce mattress upon receiving customer orders; our level of specific customization is unmatched by any competitor in the market.

Depth Every Contura Sleep Science mattress is available in two variants of depth, 6 inches and 8 inches. While the 6 inch depth is perfect for standard mattress usage, the 8 inch depth provides extra cushioning and added comfort. For those who prefer a softer sleeping platform, 8 inch depth of mattress is better suited.

Price Contura mattresses is directly distributed and marketed out of our manufacturing unit. This lean distribution strategy saves us a lot in terms of channel costs and promotion cost. Our make-to-order manufacturing philosophy also allows for better cost management while offering extensive customization to each customer. At Contura, we like to share our savings with our customers too. That is why, despite its superior quality and unmatched features in the domestic market; Contura Sleep Science mattresses are available at highly competitive prices.