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Contura Sleep Science is a sleep solution which is designed to make your time to rest a completely relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Scientifically modelled with viscoelastic foam, Contura memory foam is sensitive to body temperature and pressure. The unique viscoelastic technology, checks sleep disorders as well as reduces the possibility of developing poor-posture related health problems. 

Secret of Our Mattress

Contura memory foam is 100% viscoelastic that has a well-engineered dual density and does not use any combination layers like coir, spring base, ordinary foam etc. While memory foam mattresses have been commonly recommended by chiropractors and doctors alike, Contura sleep science mattresses have also found mainstream usage. The secret of our mattress is that there is no secret at all, we simply use the best materials.

The Value of Comfort

The concept of ergonomic furniture and electronic equipment is not new to our generation, but we forget to invest in a mattress which is ergonomically designed. The Contura mattress adjusts to the contours of the body, completely aligning itself to the spine, neck and head. Their unique memory foam material reduces sleep disturbances, improves blood circulation and checks dust mites and microorganism build-up. Specially designed Contura pillows also help to relieve snoring.

Contura benefits at a glance

Contura Sleep Science memory foam has been developed after years of research and fine tuning of product features as per customer needs. Our superior quality and unwavering focus is what sets us apart. The undeniable benefits of using Contura Sleep science memory foam are –

Effortless spine alignment: Even distribution of pressure on spine allows for effortless alignment and a rejuvenating sleep.

Lesser sleep disturbances: The mattress does not exert reverse pressure on the body nor does it restrict blood circulation.

Memory foam pillows to relieve snoring: Pillows are especially designed with a gentle curve to accommodate the contours of neck and spine while sleeping.

Resistance to dust mites and microbes: The closely packed spherical cells make the foam environment unsuitable for insect or microbe growth.

Temperature sensitivity: The viscoelastic material softens in response to body heat, thereby relieving additional pressure on the area in contact with the mattress.

Weight sensitivity: The mattress adjusts itself around the contours of the body and repositions itself to the body weight of the user.

Non sagging mattress: You won’t experience any sagging in a Contura mattress beyond a 20% natural depression which can be observed only after a decade long use.

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