The most popular mattress size in contemporary usage, queen size mattress is preferred by couples and single users alike. It is ideal for two adults offering a comfortable sleeping space without being too snug. It also saves living space in the bedroom. Single users who prefer to spread out or who have the luxury of a large bedroom also prefer to use a queen size mattress for extra comfort. Contura offers a standard size queen mattress which fits most queen sized beds easily. We also offer customized queen mattresses, especially in the extra-long size for taller adults.

Contura offers a wide range of sizes in a queen mattress. The size chart below is indicative of the standard sizes available in queen mattresses –

Size Length (inches) Width (inches)
Queen 72" to 78" 57" to 63"
Queen XL 79" to 85" 57" to 63"
Olympic Queen 72" to 78" 64" to 70"
Olympic Queen XL 79" to 85" 64" to 70"


In addition to the available standard sizes, Contura also offers customization in mattress sizes in multiple of 1”. This enables our customers to get a perfectly fitting mattress designed according to their specific dimensions. Contura Sleep Science mattresses can be custom designed for specialty beds, antique beds, European beds and any other variant of double beds.