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The Contura Story
Contura Mattresses is a registered brand of Jayashri Enterprises, a manufacturing concern established in Bardez, Goa in the year 1998. Originally, Jayashri Enterprises specialized in production of latex foam which is used in auto seats. We then graduated or moved into area of manufacturing polyurethane foam with intricate designs to meet the demands of the automobile sector. In 2001, we became an OEM supplier to leading bus manufacturers like ACGL and Tata Motors in India. Our products are used by customers for both domestic consumption and for exports to Middle Eastern and African countries.

During a visit to an exhibition in Singapore, our director, Mr. Mayuresh Dhume, came across Memory foam pillows and realized the huge potential of such a product in Indian market. At the time, Indian market was a blue ocean for such a novel product and Mr. Dhume decided to become the pioneer of this technology in domestic markets. It was only in 2006, however, that he decided to diversify into memory foam segment and established Contura Mattresses brand.

Over the next three years, Contura invested heavily in research and development of 100% viscoelastic foam, sourcing international quality raw materials from around the globe. Because of our R&D team already working in area related to manufacture of foam based products, we were able to set up memory foam production infrastructure. Our manufacturing facility, which was originally outfitted to produce bus seats for 350 buses per month, is now well equipped with latest High Pressure Italian Injectors, for manufacturing high quality foam products. Since 2009, Contura brand has been offering memory foam mattresses, pillows and overlays to the domestic market, as per international quality standards.

For the past 6 years, we have conducted extensive consumer research in the cities of Bangalore and Mumbai; both of which have a cosmopolitan populace. Our insights into the customer needs have helped us develop a final product which is not only technologically advanced, but also matches customer expectations. Cobalt Lifestyles, our marketing partner, has helped us penetrate the domestic retail market. We have brought this ‘unique sleeping experience’ to Indian market at quality comparable to high-end international sellers and at a price which is unmatched.

We are giving top class quality in the budget of the Indian customer. We have kept check on the prices by eliminating expenditure on retail outlets, double taxation, logistics and storage. We are offering the highest configuration with highest focus on quality. Contura is not focusing on mass market but focus is on making every individual customer happy.
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