Contura Cuddle Pillow

  • This is a standard design pillow made out of Contura Sleep Science memory foam. Designed with anti-allergen memory foam, it is the best accompaniment to your memory foam mattress. 

    The pillow also comes with an extra luxurious Contura Sleep Science pillow cover. This cover is removable and can be easily washed to maintain the fresh and clean feel of the pillow. With well-balanced softness and firmness, it is ideal for resting your head and cuddling, hence the name.

  • Made from 100% viscoelastic polyurethane foam, Contura Sleep Science pillows have no other sub-standard foam layers embedded in-between the memory foam layers. This purity in composition is what makes it a superior sleep solution and enables it to offer an unmatched sleep experience.

    The upholstery of the memory foam pillow is made of a high performance knitted fabric. This cover is removable and washable, enabling you to maintain a fresh and new look of your memory foam pillow.

  • A Contura Sleep Science pillow is designed with the purest memory foam and undergoes repeated quality tests before it is delivered to every single customer. This is why we offer a 10 year free replacement warranty for all our pillows.

    We are confident that none of Contura Sleep Science pillows will have any manufacturing defect, once it has undergone our rigorous quality assurance test. As memory foam is liable to create a natural depression of 20% after repeated usage over 10 years, our warranty covers any permanent depression beyond this 20% limit.

    * Conditions apply.

  • Once we receive your order on our online portal, your Contura Sleep Science pillow will be delivered to you within 7-10 business days, provided you are located in a major city or town of India. If you are located in a city or town which is not well connected through our distribution network, your delivery may take a little longer.

    Shipping Charges : All Contura pillows are delivered to customers under a Free Shipping policy.

    You can book your Contura Sleep Science pillow today, for no extra shipping charge!